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The Network for Pharma Solutions

About us

The Network for Pharma Solutions - NetPhaSol, launched in May 2017, is a cooperation network focussing on drug discovery & development. It serves as a platform for research, development and marketing of new products, technologies and services in drug development. The primary focus are the first value chain stages of a drug development cycle - however, further development stages are not excluded.

Our Mission



  • Our Competencies

    The network offers an attractive performance portfolio in the fields of

    • Target identification & validation
    • Drug discovery
    • Medicinal chemistry
    • Drug targeting & drug delivery
    • Preclinical research
    • Enabling technologies 


    to potential customers, partners and investors for participation and cooperation.

  • Our Members

    NetPhaSol is a German network of 47 partners (currently 27 companies and 20 scientific institutions). 


    Here you find here a detailed list of our members and their competence portfolios.

  • Your Benefits

    Members of our network are supported in a targeted way in order to

    • Submit promising applications for R&D projects
    • Develop new products and technologies in joint projects
    • Join forces in marketing and distribution
    • Gain more market power and visibility
    • Provide joint services and products for pharmaceutical industry


Please contact us for further information: