Mission and Activities

The Network for Pharma Solutions - NetPhaSol, launched in May 2017, is a cooperation network focussing on drug discovery & development. It serves as a platform for research, development and marketing of new products, technologies and services in drug development. Its primary focus is on the early stages of value chain in the drug discovery cycle as well as later stages of development. The network offers an attractive performance portfolio in the fields of target identification and validation, drug discovery, lead optimization, drug targeting and preclinical development and provides numerous starting points for cooperation and participation to e.g. clients from biotech/pharma, partners and investors. The portfolio not only reflects development and marketing for the network’s own products and services, but is also intended to be attractive to potential customers for contract research and development.


Partners of the network benefit from a wide range of activities, which create added value for all partners and potential clients, e.g.

1. Develop new products and technologies in joint projects

2. Provide joint services and products for pharmaceutical industry

3. Join forces in marketing and distribution

4. Gain more market power and visibility as single efforts can achieve

5. Submit promising applications for R&D projects