Drug Discovery

Compounds and Compound Libraries

  • 60.000 compounds at library of FMP, additional hundred thousands of compounds from EU-OPENSCREEN
  • Natural product derived synthetic molecules or purified from plants or bacteria
  • Synthetic small molecules
  • Biologicals (antibodies, aptamers, therapeutic enzymes)
  • Peptide drug discovery

High-Throughput Screening

  • Large compound library
  • Genomic screening: RNAi (C. elegans, mouse and human cell lines), or CRISPR-Cas9 libraries
  • Cell-based analysis using automated microscopy, label-free impedance, surface plasmon resonance and kinetic imaging

Development of Cell-Based and Biochemical Assays

  • Cellular assays (human primary cells, tumor organoids, tumor cell lines, complex tissue and disease models, phenotypic assays, selected pathological pathways)
  • Biochemical assays, e.g. ELISA, peptide-, antibody- or aptamer-based assays
  • Binding assays

Biomarker Identification & Validation

  • Using human cohorts (e.g. NAKO, pregnancy, renal and cardio diseases, preeclampsia etc.) or patient samples


  • Biochemical and cellular assays
  • Protein analysis, e.g. LC-MS, Maldi-Tof, HPLC/LC/MS, DigiWest, Luminex, ProteinSimple, ELISA
  • Quantitative flow cytometry
  • Protein-ligand binding analysis, e.g. surface plasmon resonance, NMR or using biophysical analysis
  • Electrophysiology, e.g. ion channel drug discovery, Ca2+ imaging, CiPA assays, MEA-based assays
  • Computational drug discovery