Drug Targeting & Delivery

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Formulation concepts (pre-formulation, feasibility studies) for agents, therapeutics and vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical dosage forms for oral, parenteral and local drug delivery systems

Further Approaches

  • Drug coated ballon catheters
  • Nano-carriers for improved drug penetration into skin, tumors and inflamed tissue
  • Theranostic approaches in pancreatic cancer as well as other indications

In-vivo Imaging

  • Imaging agents
  • MRI (MR elastography, physio-metabolic imaging with Ultrahigh-Field MR, functional organ imaging)
  • X-Ray / ┬ÁCT (X-Ray based tumor irradiation and immune system depletion; in-vivo soft-tissue imaging; Functional imaging for the use of stents and catheters)
  • PET and PET/MR (brain imaging, stem cell labeling)
  • Optical and ultrasound imaging, bioluminescence (tumor imaging)