Medicinal Chemistry & Lead Optimization

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Development and optimization of various synthesis methods including chemo-enzymatic methods
  • Up-scaling from analytical to industrial scale
  • Production of APlĀ­
  • Production of standards and reference materials
  • Production sites with ISO9001 certificate and GMP environment available
  • Special expertise in synthesis of peptide, enzymes and aptamers
  • Documentation of API synthesis

Hit-to-Lead Optimization

  • Drug candidates (small molecules, antibodies, peptides, aptamers, immune & cell therapies) and malaria vaccine candidates
  • Chemistry for modification and optimization of hits
  • (Stem) cell- based screening assays and stem cell differentiation models
  • Structure-based drug design, e.g. with NMR and X-ray crystallography
  • Computational drug design
  • Iterative cycles to optimize toxicity & PK/PD data