Preclinical Development


  • Formulation concept studies (Pre-Formulation/Coating, and Feasibility) for agents, therapeutics and vaccines

in-vitro & in-vivo Pharmacokinetics, -dynamics & ADME

  • Absorption, Distribution/ Biodistribution, Metabolism, Excretion/ cleareance
  • GMP substance testing for pharmaceutical quality control

Molecular Imaging, Experimental Pathology & Histopathology

  • Necropsies, Tissue preparation and staining (e.g. Immunohistochemistry)
  • Diagnostic services, e.g. Phenotyping or digital pathology
  • Tracer Development Services

X-Ray / µCT / X-Ray Fluorescence

  • In-vivo soft-tissue imaging
  • Functional imaging for the use of stents and catheters
  • Scaffold implants investigations (CT) and chemical speciation via XANES
  • X-Ray based tumor irradiation and immune system depletion

Animal Facilities

  • animal care facility for rodents, african clawed frogs and for larger animals (dogs, cats)
  • Large animal imaging facility (pigs)

Further Services

  • Development of preclinical studies
  • Comprehensive and Contextual Data Review of animal studies
  • Regulatory documentation and support
  • Consulting & project management of funding proposals

In-vitro Models

  • Neurology: cell (and stem cell) based test systems
  • Rheumatology: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Ageing including osteoporosis
  • Oncology: human tumor cell lines and patient derived 3D cell culture tumor models
  • Infection Diseases: murine malaria infection models for liver stage biology and immunology


  • Tolerability, Blood chemistry, Haematology, Neurotoxicity and Embryotoxicity
  • FDA/EMA-compliant animal and ex vivo tissue studies


  • Pre-Formulation and Feasibility studies for oral, parental and local drug delivery systems

Ex-Vivo Pharmacokinetics (PK)

  • Compound analysis in biological material (e.g. blood, tissue) (epo)
  • Murine malaria infection model for both drug and vaccine formulation testing
  • Biopsy of dermatological tissues

Analytics, Bio-Analytics

  • Maldi-Tof, LC-MS, HPLC/LC/MS
  • Mass-Spec/ GMP testing for pharmaceutical quality control
  • Flow cytometer (quant.)


  • Rat Brain imaging - Stem cell labeling
  • Cardiovascular tumor imaging
  • Physio-metabolic imaging with Ultrahigh-Field MR
  • MR elastography
  • MPI Spectrometer and in-vivo Scanner

Further Imaging Facilities/Supplies

  • Preclinical imaging agents for small animal imaging covering all modalities
  • 3D Optical fractionator (size of cell populations) (Charité/ AG Steiner)
  • Optical and ultrasound imaging and bioluminescence for tumor analysis

in-vivo and ex-vivo Models

  • Oncology: tumor models in rodents - humanized
  • Neurology: neurodegenerative diseases and neuro-inflammation in rodents
  • Metabolism: Diabetes, dermal absorption & metabolism studies in rats
  • Ex-vivo tissue studies