Target Identification & Validation

Novel targets and science

  • Data mining / bioinformatics
  • Interaction of target with ligand, e.g. binding validation
  • Analysis of molecular signaling pathways


  • in-vitro and in-vivo models (see Preclinical Development)
  • Antisense technology
  • Transgenics, incl. CRISPR/Cas and Sleeping Beauty Transposon System
  • RNAi, e.g. in pain research
  • RNAi and CRISPR-Cas screening
  • Reporter und enzyme assays

Disease association

  • patient samples and human cohorts (e.g. NAKO, pregnancy, renal and cardio diseases, preeclampsia)
  • Tumor models with data about histology, genetic profile and drug sensitivity
  • patient-derived 3D cell models


  • DNA, peptide and protein microarrays
  • Genetic profiling (e.g. RT-PCR, Illumina, NGS)
  • Protein profiling (e.g. DigiWest, Luminex, ProteinSimple, ELISA, LC-MS, Maldi-Tof, HPLC/LC/MS)
  • Flow cytometer (quant.)
  • Target-ligand binding analysis, e.g. surface plasmon resonance, NMR or using biophysical analysis
  • Electrophysiology (manual and automated patch clamp, ion channel drug discovery, oocyte recording, Ca2+ imaging, CiPA assays, MEA-based assays)