Member overview

2bind GmbH

Service provider for biophysical analyses - from stability to affinity

Products & Technologies

Our mission is to help to drive your science with our sophisticated biophysical analyses.

  • Analyis of basic binding parameters (different MicroScale Thermophoresis, nanoDSF, Isothermal titration calorimetry and Biolayer interferometry assays)
  • screening assay
  • binding validation assays
  • competition assays
  • assays with multiple binding partners
  • Analyis of thermal stability and aggregation tendency using nanoDSF platform (in solution, free choice of buffer, without modification of your protein)

As globally acting service provider, we work with customers and collaborators mainly involved in drug development and antibody discovery and aptamer generation from all over the world.

We offer

  • expertise and knowledge in biophysical analytics.
  • Assays can be used to characterize drugs, antibodies or other binding molecules in terms of binding parameters to their targets.

Assays can be established to characterize drugs in terms of mode of action


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