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Serana Europe GmbH

Serana Europe GmbH is a privately held, ownership managed German company, established 2007 in Australia and relocated in 2015 to the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg. Our objective is to supply our customers not only with classical cell culture products but also with new medium formulations, new supplements and new concepts. Serana is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cell culture products. We develop, manufacture and distribute our products worldwide. Our product range includes animal & human sera, classical & serum free media as well as liquid & powdered media, reagents, supplements, cytokines, buffer solutions for cell culture and diagnostic applications. Serana’s products are used in all areas where cell culture is performed. This includes the biopharmaceutical industry for the production of vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics. In addition, we are a major supplier to the Academic R&D (universities, hospitals & clinics), private research institutes and small biotech companies. We are committed to providing high quality, reliability, availability and service you have to expect from a leading and globally active cell culture company.


Products & Services

  • Manufacturing
  • Liquid and powder media manufacturing, sterile bottling and labeling
  • Custom media manufacturing
  • Capable of 2000 liter batch sizes
  • Quality Control Testing
  • Custom made production



More than 15 years of international experience in development, manufacturing and sales of cell culture products.



Europe, Asia, North-and Southamerica



Key Figures

Development, manufacturer and supplier of cell culture product.


What we offer

Product collections:

  • Custom made production
  • Sera
  • Media
  • Reagents
  • Buffer
  • Cytokines
  • Cytogenetic products


Contract Services:

a) Manufacturing

Focusing on sterile liquid handling and dispensing, Serana has the capacity to handle your manufacturing requirements:

  • Secure and monitored 24/7 facility
  • Liquid media manufacturing, sterile bottling and labeling
  • Custom media manufacturing to your specifications
  • Capable of 2000+ liter batch sizes
  • Certified facility
  • Extensive production documentation provided on a per batch basis
  • Packaging with ample frozen and chilled storage available


b) Quality Control Testing

Complete quality control laboratory with qualified staff available to conduct a wide variety of tests on your products with your product specification and method requirements:

  • Physical and Chemical Analysis
  • Protein Profiling
  • Sterility Testing
  • Virus and Antibody Testing
  • Biochemical Analysis
  • Culture Testing on a wide variety of cell lines
  • Performance bench-marking


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