Member overview

HS Diagnomics GmbH

Key figures / Profile

  • founded in 2012
  • T-cell receptor profiling by ultra-deep sequencing starting from tissue, blood samples or DNA (available for human and mouse samples)
  • proprietary technology called TCRsafe: display the T-cell receptor repertoire in blood and tissue samples, up to the single cell level and up to every single nucleotide and translated peptide of the TCR.
  • planning to optimize the method in future cooperations with the goal to establish novel individual cancer therapies based on T-cells.

We offer

In all scientific projects, clinical testings of drugs, diagnostic technologies, where there is a need to monitor the behavior of the adaptive immune system, our TCRsafe technology can be directly and easily implemented. The key components and applications are:

  • Ultra-deep T cell receptor (TCR) profiles from blood, tissue, DNA samples
  • Comparison of TCR profiles in time series or multi-sample studies to find common elements
  • Systematic analysis of T cell response under various conditions
  • Identification of tumor reactive TCRs


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