Member overview

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Department of Radiology

Key figures / Profile

  • experimental and clinical research in the field of imaging sciences as well as clinical imaging based diagnostics and minimal invasive therapy
  • R&D of nanoscale compounds for use as imaging agents and for therapeutic use, e.g.:
    • VSOP (very small superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles) for use as blood pool contrast agent in MR angiography and for detection of inflammation
    • C-PAM (Charité phosphate adsorbing maghemite) for use as oral drug to control inorganig serum phosphate in patients with chronic kidney disease

We offer

  • Pharmaconkinetic studies in rodents
  • Safety pharmacology in rodents
  • Analytics of nanomaterials
  • Histology (HC, IHC, fluorescence, paraffin, cryo)
  • Supply with various types of iron oxide nanoparticles for experimental use.


Please contact us for further information:

Dr. med. vet. Nicola Stolzenburg

Department of Radiology, Division Experimental Radiology

(030) 450 - 539 007/009