Member overview

Nuvisan Innovation Campus Berlin


  • “From the Molecule to the Patient”: NUVISAN is a fully integrated CRO with a successful track record from over four decades.
  • NUVISAN Innovation Campus Berlin is a spin-out from the Bayer pharma R&D center Berlin, which was integrated into NUVISAN in 2020.
  • In Berlin, a workforce of over 400 FTEs with industry-leading pharma R&D expertise is providing non-clinical research services.
  • At four other sites across Germany and France, more than 400 NUVISAN staff is working on non-clinical and clinical services.


  • Lead Discovery: High-throughput compound screening, using a world-class >3 million compound library with a comprehensive life science data set linked to it, as well as structural biology and protein technologies.
  • Life Science Chemistry: Compound design and synthesis, microbiological chemistry, scale-up and analytics.
  • Therapeutic Research: Compound characterization, cross-indication research, oncology, functional genomics and translational research.
  • Preclinical Compound Profiling: ADMET and DMPK in vitro and in vivo profiling, structure and metabolite analytics.

We offer

  • Decades of industry-leading experience in pharma R&D.
  • Fully integrated turnkey programs for drug discovery and development, from target validation to IND application, plus support of non-clinical and clinical drug development.
  • Fully customizable solutions for individual sub-projects along the value chain.
  • Programs for small/medium/large pharma, biotech, venture capital and academic clients.


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