Member overview

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau / Division Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics

Key figures / Profile 

  • broad diversity of technologies and methods for molecular biology and biochemistry
  • work at the connection between application and sciences - with many different partners in universities and SMEs as well as in big pharma
  • projects are in three fields: biomed/pharma, food/agro and environment
  • engaged in international standardization activities in biotech
  • expertise to draft patent-applications
  • experience in gathering funding, management of projects and in founding companies (our SpinOffs: Oculyze GmbH and

We offer

  • Analytical methods and devices:
    • HighThroughput Sequencing
    • qPCR/ddPCR, Microarrayers
    • LC-MS/MS
    • Luminex
    • High-Throughput-Liquid, Handling etc.
  • Laboratories for work with GMOs, pathogens, plant-pathogens, cell-culture, microscopy, automation
  • Experience with animal experiments, patient samples, standardization and patent-applications


Please contact us for further information:

Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme

Technische Hochschule Wildau, Molekulare Biotechnologie und Funktionelle Genomik

+49 3375 508-249