Member overview

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP

Key figures / Profile

  • R&D of polymer applications
  • custom development and optimization of innovative and sustainable materials, processing aids and processes
  • environmentally friendly, economical production, functionalization and processing of polymers in the laboratory and pilot plant scale as well as characterization of polymers
  • Material focus: Synthetic petroleum-based polymers, biopolymers, polymers from renewable raw materials and chemically, physically or biologically functionalized polymers
  • applications are diverse, e.g. biotechnology, medicine, pharmacy and cosmetics
  • Director: Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker

We offer

  • development and optimization of fermentation processes (upstream) and of downstream processes
  • fermentative production (up to 100 L) of monomers (e. g. lactic acid) for polymer synthesis, and biopolymers (e. g. PHB) and proteins (e. g. enzymes, structure proteins)
  • genetic engineering (S1, S2), strain development, metabolic engineering
  • (heterologous) protein expression and purification
  • multi-bioreactor plant with online analytics (pH, pO2, viable biomass, gas inlet /outlet)
  • scale-up of upstream and downstream processes
  • cloning and protein engineering
  • biomolecular interaction studies (SPR; Micro-ITC)
  • expression analyses and quantification of genes (RT-PCR)
  • chromatography methods (LC, LC-MS, UPLC, UPLC-MS, preparative HPLC-MS)
  • Particle size analysis (DLS)
  • (confocal) fluorescence microscopy, digital 2D and 3D microscopy
  • atomic force microscopy, molecular mechanical analysis
  • surface analysis by UV / VIS / NIR absorbance and reflectance measurements
  • measurement of contact angle, surface and interfacial tension and free surface energy
  • General polymer characterization methods
  • Structure-efficacy optimization of drug delivery systems


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