Member overview

Heidelberg University Hospital, Centre for Infectious Diseases, Parasitology Unit

Key figures

  • Research on pathogen/host interactions using techniques from the field of cell and molecular biology with immunology
  • developed the first genetically defined live-attenuated parasites (GAP) to be used as an experimental whole-organism vaccine to sterily protect from malaria infection
  • currently refining the GAP vaccine by either simplifying the administration or by a more feasible vaccination approach for people in endemic settings
  • As mentor, founder and former shareholder of MalVa company Dr. Mueller advices the R&D activities centered around the development of a next-generation multicomponent anti-infective malaria vaccine

We offer

  • Long-standing expertise in infectious diseases in particular vaccine design for malaria
  • Antigen discovery technologies to identify novel vaccine candidates
  • Expertise in pre-clinical testing of vaccine formulations and animal challenge models
  • Murine malaria infection model available for both drug and vaccine formulation testing


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