Member overview

JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH

Key figures

  • innovative research and development partner for peptide based projects in immunotherapy, proteomics, and drug discovery
  • All our production and services are performed in our state of the art laboratories in Berlin, Germany according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 regulations
  • widest range of peptide synthesis formats worldwide
  • no other company produces more peptides than JPT
  • development of novel peptide immunotherapeutics, peptide drugs and biomarkers for diagnostic applications

Products & Technologies

JPT’s core technologies are:

  • PepSpot™ – ultra-high-throughput peptide synthesis platform
  • PepStar™ – patented peptide microarray technology
  • PepMix™ – peptide pools spanning entire antigens
  • PepTrack™ – flexible peptide libraries for T cell assays & peptide optimization
  • GxP Peptides – high quality peptides for immunotherapy
  • SpikeTidesTM – peptide standards for proteomics
  • SpikeMixTM – stable isotope labeled peptide pools.

We offer

  • Partnership in peptide related projects
  • Product development for peptide based products


Please contact us for further information: