Member overview

Cryondo GmbH

Key figures / Profile

  • Founded in 2018
  • Service and product company in the biotech, pharma, life-science, and healthcare sector
  • Certified according to ISO 9001, allowances to store GMO’s and biological substances in accordance with the requirements of the German Infectious Disease Control Act (IfSG) and the Animal Pathogen Ordinance (TierSEV)
  • A strong partner network enables everything around modern sample storage, management, and biobanking, including logistics.

We offer

  • Controlled storage capabilities from -196°C (liquefied nitrogen) to ambient temperatures for biological/clinical samples, reagents, lab ware, or products
  • Fulfillment and 3PL services for the diagnostic industry
  • Emergency services (24/7 response) for freezer / cryo vessels power or equipment failure
  • Prospective biobanking
  • Accompanying services such as inventory or aliquoting of samples
  • Logistic solutions for temperature-controlled shipment
  • Cryo-/Biobank-Equipment: 2D-barcoded tubes and systems, cryogenic storage and transportation vessels, occupational safety products


Please contact us for further information:

Dr. Soeren Schumacher, M.B.A.


+49 89 54043572