Member overview


MIR’s role is to be a “crossroad, i.e. a hub” connecting science, medium-sized companies and the society. We support the development of new R&D projects in the fields of BioTech, MedTech, Pharma and GreenTech/CleanTech in the international context.

Furthermore, MIR is a club of like-minded people who consider moral values not to be outdated in the private life as well as in business, and therefore to be the basis of their actions.

We focus on interdisciplinary partnerships. By including and supporting new technologies, value chains will be closed. Such measures are intended to strengthen location advantages, and to provide a substantial and responsible contribution to the development of the society.

The values for each member is to get access to our „Expert Circles“ related to the focused industries, to find like-minded people, who live our CODEX of the „Honorable Businessmen“ and to get access to our „Mentor Program“.

The key aspects of our values are the automatically guaranteed NDA by the codex and a mentor who accompanies, who shows responsibility for the task and supports each member to bring their projects to success.


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