Member overview

Humboldt – Universität zu Berlin IRI Life Sciences - Research group „Molecular Infection Biology“

Key figures / Profile

  • investigate RNA-protein interactions in bacteria and mammalian host cells during infection
  • molecular biology, microbiology and systems biology techniques to study gene regulation in infected cultured cells
  • investigate novel secretion pathways of bacterial biomolecules (RNA, proteins) to host cells: particularly outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) secreted by pathogenic bacteria and loaded with proteins and nucleic acids are an emerging field of research with applications in vaccine development as well as for delivery of compounds to human cells.

We offer

  • Bacterial infection systems (L2/S2 Biosafety level)
  • high throughput RNA analysis
  • bacterial genetics
  • preparation & analysis of bacterial vesicles


Please contact us for further information:

Benedikt Beckmann

+49 30 2093 47910