Member overview

OmicScouts GmbH

Key figures / Profile

  • As leading chemical proteomics company, we integrate excellent research expertise and innovative technologies for drug and biomarker discovery
  • We provide proteome-wide assays to identify drug targets, pharmacodynamic and target engagement markers, and for the analysis of molecular mechanisms of action and resistance formation
  • TUM spin-off founded 2014 by leading proteomics researchers with a track record in delivering significant collaborations with top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies


We offer

  • End-to-end solutions for your project needs based on a comprehensive portfolio of proteomic technologies
  • ProteomeScout™ - comprehensive and quantitative protein expression profiling for unbiased, proteome-wide target and biomarker discovery
  • SignallingScout™ - comprehensive profiling of dynamic phosphorylation events in up to 100s of samples
  • BiomarkerScout™ - accurate, sensitive and multiplexed quantification of up to hundred selected proteins across hundreds of samples
  • Proteome dynamics profiling - determination of protein turnover in living cells, e.g. after drug treatment or stimulation
  • TargetScout™ - identification of specific cellular targets of small molecules under physiological conditions with native, endogenously expressed proteins
  • KinomeScout™ - selectivity and affinity profiling of protein kinase inhibitors to direct the design of potent and selective small molecule drug candidates


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