Member overview

nanoPET Pharma GmbH

Key figures

  • biopharmaceutical company specialized on R&D, production and marketing of innovative drug substances for Diagnostic Imaging
  • focus on relevant cardiovascular, oncological and neurological indications as well as on regenerative medicine
      • long and considerable experience in the area of Diagnostic Imaging assembled in well-respected leading pharmaceutical companies (about 12 years R&D experience within Schering AG, now Bayer AG)
      • meet the trend of worldwide unique multimodal imaging knowledge

We offer

Nanotechnology is a key element of our products. Our three business divisions:

    • Viscover™ imaging agents – a landmark in small animal imaging
      • pre-clinical imaging agents covering the principal imaging modalities MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Optical Imaging - the first of its kind
      • provide the clinical standard agents as well
      • novel PET and SPECT agents are soon to follow
    • The first nanoparticular tracers for clinical PET
      • currently prepare the clinical development of the patented technology platform: inorganic nanoparticular tracers for cell- and molecular-specific positron emission tomography (PET)
    • Consulting and Service tailored to your needs
      • tailor-made nanopharmaceuticals and imaging agents
      • agent (tracer) development, pharmaceutical manufacturing and experimental design


Please contact us for further information:

Maria Maranska

R&D Project Manager

+49 8904974 21