Member overview

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Department of Neurology

Key figures / Profile

  • investigate the underlying mechanisms of adult neurogenesis in the aging brain and neurodegenerative disorders in animal models.
  • analyze the role of internal stimuli of neurogenesis, such as lifestyle, nutrition and sports, but also develop therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative disease by the use of (genetically modified) mesenchymal stem cells as novel stimuli of adult neurogenesis.
  • analyses include in vivo studies, behavioral testing, multi-modal imaging methods, cell culture, histology and molecular biology.

We offer

  • animal models for neurodegenerative diseases and life style induced neurodegenerative changes
  • mesenchymal stem cells (transfection, genetic modulation, transplantation and analyses)
  • cell culture
  • histological analyses of brain tissue and peripheral organs
  • molecular analyses (e.g. neurotrophins)
  • imaging methods (confocal microscopy, stereology and optical fractionator, MRI scans of small animal brains, magnetic resonance elastography (in cooperation with the group of I. Sack, Charité)


Please contact us for further information:

PD Dr. med. Barbara Steiner

Group leader, Research group “Neural regeneration and plasticity”