Member overview

acCELLerate GmbH

Key Figures

  • Founded 2014 by the former management and employees of CCS Cell Culture Service
  • Independent and privately owned
  • Preparation of assay ready frozen cells which can be instantly used in bioassays without prior cultivation or passaging – basically like reagent
  • 12 employees (9 in cell production and r&d)
  • More than 15 years of expertise in bulk cell production and cryopreservation of cells
  • 600 sqm of state-of the art cell culture laboratories (BSL 1&2), separate quarantine lab, large capacity incubators, automatic cell dispensing , controlled rate freezer, tanks for liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage, cellular analytics (fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, plate readers)
  • HQ and production facilities are based in Hamburg, Germany. Warehouse and US representations based in Hillsborough, NJ
  • Client base: major pharma & cosmetics companies, biotech’s and CRO’s mainly in Europe and USA

Products & Service Portfolio

  • ARC - assay ready cells of commonly used assay cell lines (e.g. HepG2, THP-1, Caco2, HaCaT, Jurkat, 3T3 etc.)
  • TRC – transfection ready cells (e.g. CHO-K1, HEK293, U2OS) for instant cell transfection without prior cultivation
  • PRC – patch ready cells for cardiotoxicity testing (CiPA panel)
  • instaCELL bioassay kits (e.g. cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, skin sensitization, permeability assay)
  • custom bioassay development
  • custom preparation of assay ready frozen cells for HTS drug discovery custom preparation of assay ready frozen cells for GMP bioassays in biologics QC


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