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3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Key figures / Profile

  • Peptide discovery and optimization
  • Technology platform from hit identification to early clinical development
  • Technologies are applied to both collaborative R&D and in-house projects
  • Develops targeted radiopharmaceutical drugs and diagnostics for oncology indications with a high unmet medical need
  • Established a recurring revenue base via research and development collaborations with partners from the pharma and biotech industry and the out-licensing of pharmaceutical development candidates and affinity purification solutions for downstream processing of therapeutic proteins.
  • 3BP's discovery technology platform has been validated by a long-term, multi-target research collaboration with Baxalta (now part of Shire) to develop new treatment options in hemophilia.
  • The most advanced radiopharmaceutical program targeting neurotensin receptor 1 in pancreatic cancer as well as other indications was out-licensed to Ipsen Pharma in 2016.

We offer

  • Discovery, optimization & preclinical development of peptide drug candidates
    • De novo discovery and optimization of agonists and antagonists
    • Optimization of naturally occurring peptides
    • Industry-leading biological library technologies for hit identification
    • Proprietary building-block library to support diverse optimization goals
    • Broad and proven peptide medicinal chemistry experience
  • Custom development of peptidomimetic affinity ligands (PurAffins™) for the purification of therapeutic proteins
    • Cost-effective, affinity chromatography-based manufacturing process for ANY therapeutic protein
    • Process performance equal or better compared to protein A applications
    • Manufacturing process with purely synthetic materials
  • Identification and development of target-specific tracers for diagnostic imaging (PET, SPECT, optical etc.) and targeted radionuclide therapy (nuclear medicine)
  • Development programs in nuclear medicine and imaging available for out-licensing


Please contact us for further information:

Dr. Ulrich Reineke

Managing Director

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