Member overview

Eternygen GmbH

Key figures / Profile

  • founded in June 2012
  • is a project focused and virtual drug development company located at the Bayer CoLaborator
  • R&D program is focused on the sodium coupled citrate transporter (NaCT), a novel target which is also known as INDY (I am Not Dead Yet)
  • The company has successfully generated in-vivo proof of concept data with an early lead candidate in animal models. Lead optimization phase is ongoing.
  • has a drug development collaboration with Evotec AG

We offer

  • Sharing experiences and know-how in following fields: drug discovery, drug development, preclinical development, virtual drug development, CRO selection, metabolic diseases (in vitro and in vivo models), transporter biology, fund raising
  • Broad network for CROs and VCs


Please contact us for further information:

Dr. Grit Zahn

Head of Research

+49 30 1207 6983 0