Member overview

BioNukleo GmbH

Key figures

  • spin off from Technische Universität Berlin
  • production of difficult to express proteins and the enzymatic synthesis of modified nucleosides
  • team is strongly supported by professors and students of the department of biotechnology
  • aims to improve constantly its network in the field of green chemistry.

We offer

  • enzymatic nucleoside synthesis
  • custom synthesis of modified nucleosides, nucleoside phosphorylase kits for their individual production, nucleoside and nucleotide kinases and a variety of sugar-1-phosphates for the direct production of modified nucleosides
  • production of up to now challenging proteins in Escherichia coli and other prokaryotic hosts. These include multi-subunit proteins, super large enzyme complexes or peptides. Optimization strategies are directed to proper folding of proteins of interest with a special focus on posttranslational modifications, such as disulfide bond formation.
  • automated image analysis as a service. You can simply submit your images and get a detailed overview of your quantification, including a set of results-images.


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