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Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin Clinic for Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology

Key figures / Profile

Glucocorticoids (GC) represent the most potent anti-inflammatory drugs used in the treatment of a wide range of rheumatic and other inflammatory diseases. Focus of our research:

  • clinical aspects of GC treatment and investigating mechanistic insights into their molecular actions
  • investigate the impact of the transcription factors hypoxia inducible factor HIF-1 and/or HIF-2 on cells in the injured/inflamed tissues
  • in vitro models that exclusively consist of the involved cells and their metabolic products:
    • osteoarthritis in vitro model (“ArthroMo)
    • initial phase of fracture healing model (“3DBoMo”)
    • arthritic joint model (“3DInJoMo”).

We offer

  • knowledge on the unmet clinical need as well as the patients’ perspective in Rheumatology      
  • expertise in clinical research as well as in preclinical research including in vitro assays and animal experiments
  • interdisciplinary researcher team (human and veterinary medicine, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology) with wide experience in several different research methods and techniques
  • Within our infrastructure, we have access to numerous cutting-edge technologies and are always open and interested in creating new and successful cooperations.
  • a large network to other research institutes and companies, and we have been successfully contributing to grant applications.


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