Member overview

Charité Universitätsklinikum Berlin - Clinical Research Center for Hair and Skin Science

Key Figures / Profile

  • Translational Research in Dermatology enabled by the three columns of our organization: the Clinical Research Unit, the Experimental Research Unit and the associated outpatient clinic
  • Key interests: Innovations in Drug Delivery, Diseased and healthy skin across the life span, Skin care concepts, Hair Disorders,
  • > 30 co-workers, medical doctors, scientists, nurses, study assistants, technical assistants, statistician, data manager, secretaries, etc.
  • ISO 9001:2015 -certified, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)


We offer

  • Successful history of interdisciplinary public grant applications and public-private partnerships

Clinical Research Unit

  • Clinical skin care, drug (phase I-III) and cosmetic studies, e.g., dermatotherapy, hair growth, skin barrier, skin ageing, wound healing, pharmacokinetics
  • Method, outcome, score development

Experimental Research Unit

  • Special expertise in carrier-based drug delivery, transcutaneous cell targeting, Bio-Nano-Interactions
  • Ex vivo skin penetration assessment, e.g., models of skin barrier-disruption, immune cell migration models
  • Primary skin cell cultures, tissue sectioning, immunohistochemistry, fluorescence microscopy, DNA, RNA, Protein-extraction, ELISA, Luminex analyses, flow cytometry


Please contact us for further information:

PD Dr. Annika Vogt

Acting Director, CRC

+49 30 450 518 122